Rapid progression of diabetic retinopathy

David Kinshuck



If HbA1c drops ~30 mmols/l 3% retinopathy can drastically progress. Here are 4 cases & references. A patient without any retinopathy will generally benefit from the improvement in diabetic control. But if a patient has early retinopathy and then improves their diabetic control HbA1c 30 mmols/l 3% problems may develop.

In Liverpool 2007 4 cases were presented by Mr D.F. :

In Manchester 2011 Prof Harding recommended that patients whose HbA1c was very high eg 96mmol/l 11% , with very active retinopathy, bring their level down by 1% each year. But this seems far too slow to me....the slow reduction will help the eyes, but not prevent the other diabetic complications.


Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case 4

Case 5