Letters to patients for professionals


At a diabetic eye consultation it important to communicate the summary to the patient in a letter, at the end of the consultation or in the post This helps remind the patient of the discussion, and outlines the actions needed. Control of diabetes is achieved by the patient with help from their diabetes nurse / doctor, so the letter summarises the action needed.

By definition patients with retinopathy are having or have had problems with their diabetic control. Management of diabetes is crucial in the holistic care plan for treating diabetic eye problems so although it is not “the job” of the ophthalmologist to do this, just treating the retinopathy is only addressing part of the problem.
Control of the diabetes needs to address HbA1c, hypos, BP, lipids, exercise, weight, mental health, complications, and other issues. It is a good opportunity to encourage the near relatives of people with type 2 diabetes to get a diabetes screening test such as an HbA1c test.

Sample paragraphs for copying and pasting into the letter

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Birmingham Community Health Care NHS Trust (BCHT) organises the DAFNE & XPERT programs, intensive diabetic care, and GP training and support in diabetes care.