Diabetes and the Family

David Kinshuck


In the family


For everyone (but especially the relations of type 2 diabetics)

Diabetes may run in the family.

A healthy lifestyle can delay and even prevent diabetes, even if it is your family and you have inherited the 'diabetic' genes (Lancet 09).

Check ups for those at risk

Relations of people with type 2 diabetes needs HbA1c tests about every year. Estimate your risk here.   Finn Risk (excludes ethnicity).

Risk factors include:


A healthy diet


This is most important, summarised here, in detail here.



Are you at risk of developing diabetes?

Diabetes is not being prevented: there is too little action, too late, see.  Do you have pre-diabetes? An HbA1c test every 1-3 years will detect this. Being overweight can increase the risk many times:


what is your risk of developing diabetes?

See here to work out your body mass index. 

See if you are at risk with a computer simulation of risk