Intravitreal injections & preventing infections..for professionals

David Kinshuck









Infections may occur 1/100-1/10000. This paper is worth reading in detail, with extracts as below. To prepare patients and reduce the risk:

  1. broad spectrum topical antibiotic 4 time a day, starting 3 days before.
  2. extra application on the day of injection
  3. apply topical anaesthetic and dilating drops from single use bottles/vials
  4. apply 5% polvidone-iodine (p-i)
  5. irrigate fornix with p-i,
  6. apply sterile drape and speculum keeping all eyelashes covered
  7. apply drops of p-i over injection site
  8. intravitreous injection of Lucentis etc..wait a few seconds...immediately apply cotton tip to injection site to prevent reflux of injected drug
  9. apply topical antibiotics immediately and 4 times a day for 2 days ( I suggest a little longer..perhaps 4 days)
  10. facemask or no talking
  11. operating theatre safer Retina 14
  12. organisms BJO 14
  13. vitrectomy within 14 days may help Retina 17

Iodine allergy