A series of seminars prepared over last 8 years, Prepared primarily for fellow eye professionals. Format: Power Point Seminars/PDFs/HTML pages. Many older presentations by John O'Shea. Latest presentations from bimonthly Heartlands team meetings.

Audit & Governance   (Pdf 200kb)


'Emergency' Eye Conditions, a very interactive Flash animation revicions program

Eye In Casualty, a semi-interactive seminar for senior medical students, D Kinshuck. If you want to present this as a seminar you are welcome to use this and edit it. The interaction relates to quizes and teaching set out, but requiring your input. Best run online, but 98% will run off-line. Contact D Kinshuck for complete offline version. This Power Point file, and the 2 animations at the bottom of this page, are the complete presentation. This seminar is all you need for a talk to A & E doctors, and can save you a lot of time, despite the few hiccoughs you may get loading and saving such a large file...many photos (from he www) are included. 16mb

Eye In Casualty, year 3-4, powerpoint, a semi-interactive seminar for junior medical students, D Kinshuck.  See above (similar, differenct order of slides)



Eye In Casualty, SHO, powerpoint, a semi-interactive seminar for SHOss, D Kinshuck.  See above (similar, differenct order of slides), 22mb
Urgent eye problems in primary care, powerpoint, a semi-interactive seminar, D Kinshuck
(similar, differenct order of slides etc)

Age Related Macular Degeneration photoessay

Age Related Macular Degeneration: Power Point 8mb
Primary Open Angle Glaucoma photoessay html
Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: Power Point 3mb
Glaucoma for medical students: Power Point 3mb
Basic Sciences- Primary Open Angle Glaucoma PDF
Cancer and the eye Photoessay: HTML html
Treatment of patients with 'Specific Learning Difficulties', other reading difficulties and other 'visual disturbances' using colour filters/overlays Sylvie Cringle     Power Point 2007 4mb
Corneal Eximer laser html
Corneal Graft Rejection: Power Point 1.6mb
Chronic Eye Disease Flash: (symptoms, examination,) D Kinshuck ('Help') 1.7mb
Cranial Nerve Disorders: Power Point 300kb
Diabetic Retinopathy: Power Point 7mb
Diabetic Retinopathy, a presentation to the diabetic team: Power Point 2mb
Diabetic Retinopathy     (Diabetes cases for laptops) html
Diabetic interactive afternoon html
Diabetic Retinopathy in Primary Care 1.5mb PDF
Diabetes & insulin pumps & retinopathy: Power Point 8mb
Electro-physiology: Power Point 70kb
Epiphora Power Point 500kb
Eye clinic liaison officer 'ECLO' 2007 35kb
Liszt html
Glaucoma Power Point 3mb
Glaucoma: trabeculectomy & mitomycin audit New Power Point
(Chiang & Shah)
How to interpret the HRT    Vellore Parthasarathy   Power Point 2007 3mb
Leukocoria Power Point  4mb
Maintaining Good Medical Practice Power Point 140kb
Medical Student: a 3 hour program for 3rd year medical students. Will need to load about 35mb of various files, will then run off line. Can run online (one 22mb file) link
Microbial Keratitis Power Point 1.4mb
Neuro-ophthalmology part 1, visual fields, Power Point, 2005, DK 3mb
Neuro-ophthalmology part 2, pupils, Power Point, 2005, DK 3mb
Neuro-ophthalmology part 3, cranial nerves, Power Point, 2005, DK 7mb
Nystagmus Power Point 130kb
Obtaining Consent Power Point 100kb
Ophthalmic Neonatorum Power Point 1.2mb
Orbital And Peri-orbital Tumours Power Point 1.7mb
Retinal Breaks 2007 Ioannis Giannakis    Power point (drawings .. www) 1.0mb
Quiz in pairs for eden students (year 4) ; 0.4mb
another here (word) New 3mb
Serious ocular infections PDF 1.5mb
Thyroid Eye Disease Power Point 1.4mb
Thyroid Eye Disease, 2003, D Kinshuck Power Point 256kb
Uveitis, a photo essay html
Uveitis and Ocular Inflammation Power Point 1.4mb

Trauma diagram


Tuberculosis and the Eye: Power Point 1mb
Retinal Vein Occlusions: Power Point 6mb
Visual fields in Glaucoma: Power Point   (Pdf 0.6mb) 3mb

Visual problems in children with brain damage: Power point


Herpes zoster ophthalmicus: shingles and the eye, Power point 1mb

afferent pupillary defect animation

PI animation

afferent pupillary defect animation
incorporating Flash player for off-line use when Flash not installed

PI animation
incorporating Flash player for off-line use when Flash not installed

All exe files of animations used on this site (use for downloading and using on laptops without FLASH)


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