Enlarging laser burns after laser ...reducing visual field

David Kinshuck

This is a real and increasing problem. Laser burns seem to start enlarging a few years after laser, and this reduces the visual field. This problem is increasing for several reasons. It make take more than 5 years after laser has finished before patients and their doctors become aware of this problem.

Case (47)

This patient (born ~1940) with type 2 diabetes had proliferative retinopathy and macular oedema, underwent many laser sessions (1996-2000). She had persistent macular oedema. In 1999, with persistent macular oedema, she had an HbA1c 8% and blood pressure ~145/90. Despite encouragement she could not achieve better control. The last laser was 2000, when the photos on the left below were taken.

In 2008, the photos on the right below were taken. At this time she notices

As the photos show the laser burns are enlarging.

enlarging laser burns after laser for diabetic retinopathy

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