Chronic Eye Disease Help Page

This is the help page to the page 'Chronic Eye Disease Part A', a large Flash program. The page runs off line, except for all the links to other people's excellent sites.

Some people find the site difficult to navigate, and this page makes that a little easier. Regrettably the Flash page has no 'go back' or 'go forward' buttons, as I have been unable to get any to work.

So to go back to where you 'came from' you will have to remember or play around (apologies).

The site is designed as a learning program. Other sites are far more straight forward for regular text or text & photos, and books are far easier to read. I appreciate there will be many people who hate this site....they are likely to find straight-forward sites or books more helpful.


This is the introduction page where it should start.

These are the buttons for the individual chapters.

There are chapters 3-9, as shown.

These are the buttons the special indexes, such as 'specific eye symptoms', and examination techniques' , and the 'disease' covered in Part A.

As an example, this is the 'specific symptom' index.

These indexes are designed to help you remember the different eye symptoms, especially those you have not heard of before. The buttons take you to the appropriate chapter, & section.

This is one of the 'Chapters', the 'common symptom chapter.

These are the buttons to the sections. They are not labelled so that you will try and guess what they may be, as this should help you remember.

Each section is like a sub- section of a group of pages.

This is one of subsections. This particular subsection consists of a series of buttons to 'mini-pages', just like a page in a book.
These buttons take you to the different chapters; remember the chapter label is at the top of the page, here 'common symptoms', but the 'mouse over' tells you where you will go to if you click.

These buttons may take you to the relevant page.....this may be in the same chapter or a different one (this may drive you mad!)


Sometimes the buttons are arranged like this..they will all be in the same sub-section.

Sometimes the buttons reveal arrows for the text & diagram.

Sometimes headings of 'pages' are used as buttons.............
...........a similar set in use here. These buttons show different 'pages'......... shown here. The 'page' is really an animation about focusing.
So this is a typical 'page'. The yellow ring is around a 'text' button that controls the mini-animation that is the main page content.
A button in the bottom corner is a go back button.
These links take you to other very useful/relevant sites on the internet (many of which are more professional than this.)
There is occasional blue text which is a link
(as explained in the blue text itself)
Well, I hope this helped! Feed back appreciated. Thanks David Kinshuck