retinopathy details

Case 53,
maculopathy despite good control

David Kinshuck


Some issues

This patient maintained good diabetic control throughout, yet has still developed maculopathy. However, he has kept good sight, and should do indefinitely.

The laser has proved effective.


laser has reduced the macular oedema

The right photo/scan demonstrates macular oedema (yellow arrow). A few exudates are just about visible on the photo above the yellow arrow. Grid laser was carried out.

The scan one year later (left) shows less macular oedema (blue arrow), showing the benefit of laser. Laser does work, but seems to work much more effectively if diabetic control is good. The blue arrow does point to a small foveal cyst, that is very minor macular oedema (diabetic maculopathy).

The photos also show a cupped optic disc from the glaucoma. This eye has 33% of the visual field missing, but this is not progressing as pressure control is good with eye drops.