retinopathy details

Case 51 Circinate retinopathy

David Kinshuck


Some issues

In March 2010 patient was tired and very obese. The gliclazide was stopped and replaced with Sitagliptin. At the next visit patient felt better and had lost weight.

Her diabetes was controlled (HbA1c ~7.3% throughout). In March 2010 th blood pressure was a little high so medication was increased (150/70) ARB, perindpril. LDL of 2.2 mmol/l, a little high.

I am still uncertain as to why the retinopathy has increased (good HbA1c for 8 years). All I could suggest was more laser and lower blood pressure. Our Avastin funding is erratic but in any respect patient has declined Avastin…she has good sight at this stage.

Medication at this stage:

circinate retinopathy getting worse over 6 months, despite laser and good control