Case 2: Type 2 Diabetes & Maculopathy


David Kinshuck



A typical patient, photographs courtesy of City Hospital & Good Hope Hospital (Birmingham) Medical Illustration, and Miss Hope-Ross (Good Hope)



severe maculopathy, & severe pre-proliferative   

Case2a.jpg (9959 bytes)

Single arrow points to a blot haemorrhage,
triple arrow a cotton wool spot.
Sight good at 6/6. Lasered



Case2d.jpg (9951 bytes)


severe diffuse maculopathy

Case2c.jpg (11872 bytes)

Sight reduced to 6/12.

Pictures side by side for comparison: 1996 above, 1998 below


case27.jpg (16818 bytes)

Case2a.jpg (9959 bytes)

Case2fr.jpg (5834 bytes)

Case2fl.jpg (6975 bytes)


Fluorescein Angiography below: arrows point to leakage: same visit as above (1998)


Case2d.jpg (9951 bytes)

Case2c.jpg (11872 bytes)



loss of central vision after severe maculopathy

vision 2/60

loss of filed of vision , partly from laser, partly from th retinopathy itself

vision 6/18



What was going on?