Case 1: Type 1 Diabetes & Proliferative Retinopathy


David Kinshuck



Atypical partly successfully treated patient. Same case, a 7mb Powerpoint  slide show, and in Flash. A Flash quiz is presented just below if you have Flash; otherwise scroll down  below the movie to see a regular web page presentation (same patient) This patients case study was reviewed again in 2003 in complete with large photos.


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Case1.jpg (9872 bytes)

Early new vessels are not easily seen, but the haemorrhages (pointer) suggest new vessel presence.




Case1b.jpg (9454 bytes)



Some haemorrhages are still present. Laser has been applied outside the area photographed. Haemorrhages & tiny new vessel loops are present here. (New vessel
appearance exaggerated opposite for illustration.)


Case1f.jpg (9674 bytes)

The same eye on the same day: dilate pupil. A halogen rechargeable ophthalmoscope with green filter can demonstrate both haemorrhages and new vessels best. Exaggerated here for illustration.




Why was the treatment successful?

Case1c.jpg (9263 bytes)

New vessels have stopped growing. Note very few haemorrhages present. Pointers show the extensive laser.