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David Kinshuck


This site now receives ~20,000 hits a year. It is aimed at patients and their professionals helping them look after their diabetic retinopathy and diabetes. This site is edited by David Kinshuck (Good Hope Hospital Eye Department, david.kinshuck @ heartofengland.nhs.uk), with a lot of help from colleagues from Good Hope Diabetic Clinic . Photographs have been taken by photographers at Good Hope.


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This leaflet/website discusses some principles concerning diabetes and the eye. More individual help should be sought from your GP or diabetic specialist nurse, other health professionals, and more detailed leaflets (see 'Other Sources of Information') .  This text was edited or written by David Kinshuck (Eye Clinic).

For problems or questions regarding this website or text contact david.kinshuck @ heartofengland.nhs.uk (leave out spaces). I would like to add pages about the 'person with diabetes views'... if you have diabetes, and would like to contribute, please let me know.